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Breakfast & dogs=A match made in heaven


Are you a breakfast in bed kind of person? More importantly, do you enjoy your dog’s cuddles while sipping on your morning coffee? Well… you’re in luck. On those slow mornings where all you want is a treat and doggy cuddles, you can resort to making a doggylicious breakfast that not only your dog, but you can also enjoy!


Here are 3 (dog-safe) breakfast recipes to share with your dog: 


These “dog donuts” contain all-natural ingredients, so they are healthy for your pooch and are also safe for human consumption.
Click Here for the full recipe!



Top these “doggy pancakes” with dog-safe fruit for an extra twist and use gluten-free flour for pets with wheat intolerances.

Click Here for the full recipe!



This sweet and savory treat is the perfect “balanced” breakfast for pooches. 

Click Here for the full recipe!



Enjoy these delicious meals with your pooch and let us know which recipe is your favorite!


Pickle-Dog 🏓

Dog with ping-pong paddles


Ever hear of the term pickleball? No, it’s not tossing pickles around like balls.

As a matter of fact… this might be your (and your dog’s!) new favorite pass-time.


Pickleball is a combination of a paddle and racket sport that follows the rules of many different games. Like all great things, pickleball was actually named after a dog…More specifically, after the sport’s founder, Joel Pritchard’s dog named Pickles. Sorry for the tongue twister.


In 1965, on a sunny day with nothing to do, Pritchard and his family found themselves using an old badminton court. Unable to find enough rackets for the whole family, they improvised by using spare ping pong paddles and a wiffle ball. Et voilà, Pickleball was born (because Pickles wouldn’t stop stealing the ball!)


Now the real question…Is how to play this glorious sport with your dog?!

Lucky for you… it’s as simple as 1-2-3.


Step 1: Get 1 pickleball racket and an actual pickle-ball.
Step 2: Find a tennis court near you and have your dog stand at the opposite net as you

Step 3: Like you would in tennis, hit the ball into the dog's side of the court and have him run it back to you!


Play back and forth as you would in tennis and VOILA! You have a pickle(dog) game.


Want to learn more about the history of the sport? Click here




Let us know what your favorite game to play with your dog is!

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