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Ever have that ‚Äúuh oh‚ÄĚ feeling after giving your pooch something to nibble on?

Well, have no fear, the cheese police is here (was that too cheesy?)


No need to whip out the google search bar next time you want to give your little one a cheese-based snack. Simply put, yes, dogs can eat cheese. But should dogs eat cheese? That’s the real question. 


Like humans, some dogs love cheese, some don’t, and believe it or not, some are actually lactose-intolerant! Look out for an upset stomach after feeding your pooch. If that’s the case, then (no more) cheese please!


Let’s break down this cheese-talk a bit more.


Benefits of Cheese ūü©ļ


Cheese contains many healthy nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and B-complex vitamins. Like us, dogs need these too!

Cheese is the perfect ‚Äútreat‚ÄĚ for pups because it is so smelly. As a matter of fact, many trainors use cheese to train dogs.¬†

Similarly, many owners use cheese to conceal dog medication, and to help their pup swallow pills!



Types of cheeses to feed your dog


Similar to humans, dogs should still eat low-fat cheeses to avoid high cholesterol or weight gain. Some of our top picks are mozzarella, cottage cheese, or soft goat cheese.

Always make sure that your cheese has no added flavors to it, such as garlic, onions, and chives, as they are toxic to dogs!


Fun fact: Cottage cheese is the lowest in cholesterol and fats, making it the best option for your pooch! No need to worry about a tummy ache with this one.





Still worried about feeding your pooch cheese after reading this article? No problem, our wine, and cheese package are still up for grabs at www.woofpack.ca!



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