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Summer Doggo Treats!

Because They’re On Vacay Mode Too
Summer is here in all of its glory and many have turned their backyard into vacation central. Every weekend is filled with pool activities, family games, and delicious treats! While your dog can take part in the first 2, he’s left looking at you with envy as you savour that chocolate chip ice cream. So, why not put your new culinary talents (don’t deny it, we know confinement turned you into the next master chef) to good use and make some tasty treats for your furry baby to enjoy this summer! Here are a few of our favourite recipes:
What better way to spoil your dog and help them cool down on hot summer days than with popsicles! All you need to do is get some cute molds that go in the freezer, mix together water, yogurt, and frozen fruits (or peanut butter), and voilà! A healthy yet tasty treat that will freshen up your dog. Get the full recipe here.
Peanut Butter Cookies
If your dog likes their crunchy treats then this nutty cookie is the one to bake! Made with pumpkin puree, peanut butter, and with a dash of cinnamon, they smell so divine you might just keep a few for yourself. This is also a great treat to cut into smaller pieces and put inside a feeder toy (like the ones you’ll often find in your Woof Pack box). It’s a great way to keep them busy while you nap on the long chair. Here is the full recipe and instructions.
Carrot Pupcakes
Is your dog’s birthday coming up? Then you have to try these adorable pupcakes! This is a recipe that both you and your dog can enjoy (minus the Milk Bone for you that is) and is the perfect way to make them feel loved on their special day… that and a Woof Pack box of course. Find the recipe here.
Healthy Apple Pretzels
Feel like doing something out of the ordinary? Then look no further than these apple pretzels! It’s made with only 4 ingredients so you know your dog is only getting the best. It’s the perfect healthy and yet comforting treat for late summer/early fall. You could also break this one into pieces and put them in a feeder toy for hours of fun. Ready to bake? Then get the recipe here.
Pumpkin Spice Puppuccino
Your dog’s prayers have been answered: they too can now enjoy everyone’s favourite Starbucks drink! This recipe differs slightly from the traditional pumpkin spice latte, since it typically contains a few ingredients that are harmful to your dog, for a healthy twist on a cult classic. It’s the perfect treat to keep them cool during summer and transition into fall. Click here for the recipe and instructions.
We hope you’ll have fun making these treats for your furry baby. Every dog is different though so please make sure to consult with their veterinarian before introducing anything new in their diet. Have a fun and tasty summer everyone!


  • Hi when will you be selling the woof pupsicle (ball), the premade balls to put in them etc? Thank you.

    Geri Munro
  • thanks for the information.


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