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What You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog This Thanksgiving

We all know this year’s Thanksgiving will be very different from what we’re used to. Loved ones will have to meet at a distance, families’ annual football game will be played digitally, but your fur baby is still here next to you, wagging its tail and ready to feast! It’s normal to want to include them in the celebrations (especially this year when it’s so hard to connect with others) and to be tempted to serve them a few items from your Thanksgiving menu. But did you know that some foods are actually toxic to dogs? Keep on reading to discover what they are.



Avocados contain a toxin named “persin” and although it’s harmless to us humans, it can be quite detrimental for your dog’s health, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Better make sure you skip the guacamole if you’re wanting to share a few tortilla chips with them.


Accidents happen and spilling one’s glass of wine/beer while celebrating is rather common. But be quick to clean up the mess and make sure your dog doesn’t get to it before you do! Alcohol has the same impact on them as us and it only takes a small amount for it to be dangerous for their health. 


A sweet delight to pair with a cheese plate for us, but a danger to your puppy’s health! Grapes (and even raisins) can cause kidney failure and a small amount will result in your dog vomiting. Better to feed them a treat from their Woof Pack! 


“Xyli-what?” This unpronounceable ingredient is an artificial sweetener that can be found in candy, baked goods, and other commonly found products at the grocery store. Although it’s harmless for us humans, this ingredient can cause your pupper’s sugar levels to drop catastrophically and can even lead to liver failure! If you want to treat them to something sweet, try some of these recipes instead.


The most commonly known food to be toxic to dogs, but do you know why? It’s because chocolate contains theobromine which is a toxin dogs can’t metabolize. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and could even lead to heart problems, seizures, and death. Just one more excuse to keep all the chocolate for yourself.


Finishing up the meal with a little coffee & tea? Or maybe a tiramisu? Sure, but none for Fido! Caffeine can make your furry baby’s blood pressure rise dangerously and can severely affect their heart. Dogs are naturally happy-go-lucky beings, they don’t need caffeine to stay perky!

Macadamia nuts 

Although yummy in cookies and paired with white chocolate, these nuts are highly toxic to dogs! Only a handful could cause vomiting, muscle shakes, fever, and even weakness in their back legs. Instead, add a touch of peanut butter to their favourite biscuit.

Seeds and pits 

Most pits and seeds contain cyanide which is toxic to both humans and dogs but has a greater impact on your little furry friend’s health. What’s more, pits can cause blockage in their digestive system leading to bigger problems. Make sure you remove them before serving your dog any fruit.
Of course, we technically shouldn’t feed our dogs anything except food and treats specifically made for them, but we know it can be hard to resist their puppy eyes. Please consult their veterinarian before feeding them anything from your plate and definitely make sure to avoid the foods mentioned here for a safe celebration! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Does your dog have a favourite dish which they always beg you to share with them? Let us know in the comments!

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