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Summer is almost over and the sudden urge to take advantage of these last few weeks of good weather overcomes you. So you decide it’s time you and your dog go on a trip to explore a bit more of your province/country! If it’s your first time traveling with your furry friend, you might find yourself puzzled when it comes to packing for them. Luckily, we’ve gathered a list of essentials so you’re ready for any surprises that may happen along the way. Let’s jump into it!

Designated Seat

An accident can happen so fast so make sure your dog is secured in a spot just for him/her in your car. Whether you decided to buy a harness specifically made to buckle them up, a car divider so the back is all reserved for them, or a crate, make sure they are comfortably installed for the journey ahead so you both enjoy a safe ride to your destination.

Toys and Treats

Trip = Fun! So make sure you bring along lots of toys and treats to turn this experience into a real vacation for your doggo. Even better: order a Woof Pack box filled with new toys and treats that’ll make them feel extra special!

Food and Water

Of course, you should bring your dog’s food and food bowl so as to not upset their tummy during your travels. But don’t forget to also pack an extra bowl and some water just in case it’s not readily available at your destination. It may also come in handy if your dog needs to hydrate on the way there after getting car sick (accidents happen).

Disposable Bags

Of course, you want to be prepared to pick up after your dog so as to respect the environment you’ll be in. So pack a few disposable (and preferably biodegradable) bags along with the rest of your essentials.


Going into new environments can be disorienting for your pupper, so bring along a little piece of home which they’ll recognize as their resting place for a good night’s sleep. It can be a blanket, bed, crate, whatever they typically fall asleep with.


Even if your dog is well-trained to remain by your side, some places on your travels may require you to keep them on a leash. Be sure to include one in your bags so your furry baby can tag along on all of your adventures.

Vaccination paperwork

Golden puppy
Of course, we hope that everything on your journey will go smoothly and according to plan, but better be safe than sorry. Make sure to pack your dog’s vaccination records in case of an emergency.
And there you go! Once you’ve checked all these items off your list you and your fur pal are ready for adventure! We hope you’ll share them with us by tagging @woofpacks.ca in your Instagram pictures.
Do you have any special destinations coming up for you and your dog? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Hi I’ve receive so far three boxes of tricks and toys and my dog really enjoy it. I saw a great product on sharks tank about eco-friendly poop bag. the name is pooch paper and i think it was great. If something like that was offer to add to the box I ’l probably try it.

    Johanne Ferland

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